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In my Best of the Nest series I showcase companies, shops and products that align with my blog concept & lifestyle aesthetic. Through the Best of the Nest, I am really able to tell the story behind a company and offer an honest opinion of their products. As a Mom of two, my goal is to discover high quality, modern products that the everyday mom is looking for to make life simpler, better & more beautiful.

In my series, I work to highlight the most important aspects a company wants primary focus on, with the hope of giving my readers the whole picture on why I love a company, what they stand for and why I whole-heartedly believe in their products. 

In choosing the companies, brands and products to feature, I look for standout qualities:

I desire to showcase companies that sell high quality products with thought and care put into their design, creation & execution and with their intended buyer in mind.

I also look to see makes a product and company unique, possessing qualities that set them apart from every other item and brand like it on the market.

Finally, each product I feature has a company behind it with their own story to tell; I have a heart for discovering high quality, modern products and a passion for the people and creative minds behind them.

I offer three package options for having your shop or product featured in my Best of the Nest series and I am happy to discuss those options in greater detail by email.

Interested in being named the Best of the Nest?
I would love to work with you! If you believe my blog is a good fit for your product and brand, please send an email with information about your company, products and why you believe you would be a great fit on A Blessed Nest. Thank you!

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